Private One on One Dog Training

Fortunate Fido’s dog training lessons allow you to focus on your specific goals with your dog!

During these lessons you get to pick and choose what behaviors or issues you would like to focus on, which allows you to get a customized training plan for your dogs’ needs.

Our focus during these training lessons can be learning more about how to get a confident, happy puppy; training impulse control; learning foundations of parkour; teaching your dog to relax around other dogs; confidence building for the fearful dog; controlling aggressive behavior; teaching your dog not to jump on visitors; coming when called; potty training; and more!


Belgian Tervuren wearing a shark bandana sits and stares at the camera

Our Methodology

Our training lessons utilize positive reinforcement training because “science has repeatedly shown that dogs learn better–with more beneficial, long-term results–when positive reinforcement training is used.”

In addition, training methodologies have an effect on dog stress levels as well! Research has shown that “Dogs trained using aversive stimuli, which involve punishments for incorrect behavior, show evidence of higher stress levels compared to dogs trained with reward-based methods,” which is why it’s important to utilize a dog-friendly method of training to ensure that both you and your dog have a fun time learning lasting new behaviors during training lessons!

Private Training Lesson Scheduling

Our private training lessons are an hour long and occur in your home or online. Pricing can be found below and you can learn more about our trainer here!

For your private training lesson, please email us your dog’s current vaccination records and have lots of yummy treats (we recommend cut up chicken, steak, or cheese or something else that your dog absolutely LOVES) with you.

E-mail us to set up a private dog training lessons with Fortunate Fido or you can register by clicking the button below.


We also offer private lessons which let you pick and choose what you would like to work on. It could be as simple as learning more about your puppy or training impulse control, relaxation around other dogs, and more!


Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced dog trainers! Our focus is on keeping our knowledge up to date with education and certification.

Read our Trainer’s Bio and see for yourself!

Contact Us

We’re available by email to answer questions regarding our training. E-mail us for more information or to set up a private training lesson in your home!








It’s kind of hard to write this because what Ginger has done for me & my dog is so big it’s truly hard to fit into words and just overwhelming to think about. I guess it’s pretty much like the proverbial “pebble in the pond” or “ripple effect.” One in home visit with her led to so many positive changes.

I love what they do here. Amazing work with animals that is science based and effective. I would recommend them to anyone!