Day Training for your Dog!

Have our trainers work with your pup while you work with our Dog Day Training program!


Busy work schedule? Family schedule leaving you burned out? Just need a relaxing day? Need to tire out Fido but don’t have the time? Our Dog Day Training options are the perfect solution to your training needs!

We offer Dog Walks, Training Adventures Around Town, and Day Training options where our trainers come to your house and work with your dog during the day to ensure they get training in and keep progressing with their manners!

Why is Doggy Day Care Hard for Some Dogs?

Dog Day Training is an amazing alternative to doggy day care! In reality, not every dog is appropriate for or enjoys doggy day care and not every person is comfortable with their dog in that environment.

Dog day cares can be hard for dogs or people for a variety of reasons:

    • Some dogs want to control and herd the other dogs which can be stressful for everyone
    • Some dogs don’t enjoy others’ play styles (some dogs like to wrestle, others like to chase, some are more vocal, some are pushy, etc)
    • Nervous dogs can be overwhelmed with all the action going on and with the size of the play groups
    • Some dogs can have trouble with frequent environmental change such as dogs and people coming and going
    • Intact dogs are often not allowed after a certain age
    • Some dog day cares use punishment based methods such as spray bottles, sudden loud noises, physical contact, and more that can increase nervousness in some dogs and have been shown to be harmful to dog’s emotional states
    • Some dog day cares are more crowded, leading to a ratio of workers to dogs that doesn’t allow for proper control and management for safe, equal, positive play between dogs
    • There’s often not a focus on allowing dogs time to relax and settle; this can lead to over stimulated, hyper aroused dogs that have trouble settling at home unless they’re absolutely physically exhausted
    • They can be overwhelming for nervous or fearful dogs who can’t find a place to get away from all the action, which can lead to a shut down dog – a dog many unknowingly describe as ‘calm’ rather than just a dog who is surviving the situation and trying not to attract the group’s attention

Dog Day Training allows your dog to get exercise and mental stimulation like they’d get at doggy day care in a controlled, safe way that focuses on their emotional well-being while they continue to progress their training.

Note: Some doggy day cares are absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, with a quickly growing industry in high demand that has no requirement for credentials or continuing education, there are a fair number that are not conducive to a mentally and physically healthy dog. We encourage you to ask questions relating to how your day care handles situations and avoids the pitfalls listed above.

Beyond that, if you find a dog day care you LOVE, please share with us! We love recommending places that we can trust to put the emotional and physical well-being of their dogs first to clients looking for dog day care recommendations!


Why Does my Dog Need Day Training?

Our dog Day Training Programs give you the best of both worlds! Your dog gets exercise and mentals stimulation all while working on behaviors that you want to see more of at home!

Depending on the dog Day Training Program you choose, your dog gets to:

  • Learn new skills related to manners, sports, relaxation, and more
  • Practice and get better at offering existing behaviors
  • Improve their reactivity towards dogs and/or people
  • Build their confidence
  • Gain enrichment via long, sniffy walks, puzzles, interaction with new things, and more
  • Work on dog sport specific skills such as toy play, arousal modulation, relaxing between turns, and more
  • Work on learning a new sport such as scent work or rally
  • Get comfortable with handling they’d experience at the vet or groomer in a slow, controlled way that focuses on their comfort level
  • Gain socialization to new sights, sounds, smells, textures, people, places, things, and more
  • Improve their manners while out and about or at home
  • Improve their walking skills

Our dog Day Training Programs center around training during walks, training at home, and training in real-world, dog-friendly environments.

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Yorkie on a blue harness walking with a loose, blue leash while looking toward their handler

Dog Walking

In-Home Day Training

  • We’ll come to your house and work one on one with your dog
  • The more your dog can practice good behaviors, the more you’ll see them in the real world when you need them!
  • Sessions catered to you and your dog’s needs
  • We can work on anything your pup is having trouble with or work on teaching them something new altogether!
  • Amazing for practice with handling for the vet or groomers, general manners work, loose leash walking, attention, and more!
  • Your dog gets mental stimulation and keeps improving their manners while you work!
  • We offer a monthly 2 Day Per Week package to set your dog up on a schedule to help them succeed!
Border Collie sits between it's handler's legs while looking at handler's face

Puppy Around Town

  • Our trainer takes your puppy on a 3 hour socialization romp around town where they’ll get to experience all the fun the world has to offer!
  • We people watch, work on manners, expose them to new surfaces, help them with handling, and more to give them the best start!
  • These can be booked for any puppy 6 months and younger
  • Socialization is vital to having a well adjusted puppy. Let our dog trainers help you out so they get the best start possible!
  • We also offer a 2 week Puppy Day Training Package to help set your puppy up for success!
Belgian Tervuren laying on a mat on rubber flooring looking at handler expectantly
Two Portugese water dogs, one black, one brown, stand side by side on leash looking up at their handler

Manners Around Town

  • Our trainer picks up your dog and takes them on a dog training adventure
  • We focus on working around real-world distractions
  • We work in pet-friendly locations like parks, stores, and more!
  • Working in a variety of environments ensures your dog is ready to listen no matter where you are!


We offer private lessons which let you pick and choose what you would like to work on. It could be as simple as learning more about your puppy or training impulse control, relaxation around other dogs, and more!


Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced dog trainers! Our trainers have had education and certification.

And of course more! Read our Trainer’s Bio and see for yourself!

Contact Us

We’re available by phone or email to answer questions regarding our classes or training. E-mail us for more information or to set up a private training lesson in your home!








It’s kind of hard to write this because what Ginger has done for me & my dog is so big it’s truly hard to fit into words and just overwhelming to think about. I guess it’s pretty much like the proverbial “pebble in the pond” or “ripple effect.” One in home visit with her led to so many positive changes.

I love what they do here. Amazing work with animals that is science based and effective. I would recommend them to anyone!