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Fortunate Fido prides itself on the fact that our certified dog trainer is dedicated to staying up to date and learning new methodologies to support you and your dog on your dog training journey!

Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced, knowledgeable dog trainers and dog training! We have and are continually pursuing certification opportunities to better understand and help you with your dog training journey.

Read our certified dog trainer’s biography and see for yourself!

Deanna Biesan, IAABC-ADT, CPCFT

Deanna has had dogs her whole life, but has a soft spot for those working through big feelings! Currently, she has two dogs, a Rough Collie, Stitch, and a working line Belgian Tervuren, Mork. Stitch came to her with anxiety and health issues that led to him being dog reactive and people reactive. He taught her patience and the huge role that health plays in dog behavior. He was her entry into the dog training world as well as the behavior modification world. Through him, she discovered Fortunate Fido and started her journey toward becoming a certified dog trainer herself.

While Stitch enjoys relaxing at home on the couch, Mork is a working line Belgian Tervuren that embodies the meaning of fun. He’s taught her all about over arousal and helped her learn methods to help dogs calm themselves down rather than act out of frustration and arousal by biting, barking, etc. He loves working on scent work, frisbee, rally, parkour, and more! Every day he reminds her to enjoy what life brings!

While she enjoys training for sports, one of her favorite things to teach is cooperative care. She loves teaching dogs to be comfortable being handled at the groomer, vet, etc. and to have their nails trimmed and more! Even if it seems impossible, with small steps, you’d be amazed at what progress can be made while your dog remains comfortable and opting in to the experience.

She started her certified dog trainer journey by apprenticing under other trainers at Fortunate Fido to learn from them and their experience with puppies, adolescents, reactive dogs, aggressive dogs, and fearful dogs. First, she helped out with puppy and manners classes to get a view into the basics and see the progression of learning for a variety of dogs and humans.

From there, she learned and studied more and apprenticed under Ginger Alpine CPDT-KSA with aggressive, fearful, and reactive dogs. Ginger had decades of experience working with dogs of all sorts from shelter environments to home environments and she taught Deanna how to use positive reinforcement dog training to empower and help dogs from all walks of life. Apprenticing gave her insights into the nuances involved with dog behavior modification cases, a sense of what progression can look like depending on a variety of factors, and a view into the timeline of dog behavior modification cases and the affects various factors such as health and history can have on them.

She bought the business from Ginger in 2019 as Ginger began a transition into retirement by opening her boarding and enrichment center, Alpine Acres.

Accredited Dog Trainer (IAABC-ADT)

While apprenticing and teaching classes, Deanna continued to pursue continuing education and earned her IAABC-ADT through two years of dog training experience; a knowledge of learning theory, husbandry, training techniques, and terminology; a written discussion of training scenarios; and completion of training related questions as well as completion of continuing education through seminars, workshops, classes, and mentorships.

Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT)

Deanna has always loved the interplay between canine fitness and confidence building so she sought out the CPCFT training program in order to learn more about how to safely and effectively design and have client dogs execute canine fitness plans. This program focused on form, safety, evaluation of dogs, and how to adequately assess and progress through a canine fitness plan that fits client dog’s needs.

By teaching dogs how to safely and effectively use and strengthen their bodies, we see them start to gain confidence within themselves. Beyond that, by having a well thought out canine fitness plan, we ensure our dogs are ready to safely handle the difficulties that the dog sports world presents.


Black text on a white background saying 'IAABC International Association Of Animal Behavior Consultants' below which there is a black bar with white text inside it that says 'Accredited'
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We offer private lessons which let you pick and choose what you would like to work on. It could be as simple as learning more about your puppy or training impulse control, relaxation around other dogs, and more!


Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced dog trainers! Our focus is on keeping our knowledge up to date with education and certification.

Read our Trainer’s Bio and see for yourself!

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It’s kind of hard to write this because what Ginger has done for me & my dog is so big it’s truly hard to fit into words and just overwhelming to think about. I guess it’s pretty much like the proverbial “pebble in the pond” or “ripple effect.” One in home visit with her led to so many positive changes.

I love what they do here. Amazing work with animals that is science based and effective. I would recommend them to anyone!