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Dog training and behavior modification using PAIN-FREE methods

We provide reward based dog training and behavior modification in Northeast Ohio throughout Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain, and parts of Ashland County

Training Will Help Your Dog Live Their Best Life!

We give you the knowledge to get there

A rough collie wearing a harness lays in the grass about twenty feet from the gravel parking lot behind them. They're wearing a blue harness and looking away from the handler, over a field in the Rocky River Metroparks in Rocky River, Ohio

Our IAABC-ADT Certified Dog Trainer And Customized Training Plans Are Here To Guide You

Our ethics, continuing education, and love for dogs is the basis of everything we do at Fortunate Fido, and we want to share them with you and your dog!

Your life is busy, and it’s hard to find time in the day to train and ensure your dog’s needs are being met. Beyond that, if your dog has behavior problems and you’re not careful about your dog’s training, it can be easy to make things inadvertently worse!

That’s why we work to provide you with the best dog training and dog behavior modification to fit your busy lifestyle while helping your pup grow into a confident, secure, happy dog via our positive reinforcement, rewards based training methodology, our variety of in-home dog training services, and our flexible service locations!

Our Dog Training Methodology – It’s No Secret! Dogs Learn Best With Positive Reinforcement Training!

You do NOT have to hurt or intimidate your dog for them to work with you

    • We do NOT use aversive tools or methods such as those that yank, pinch, or shock your dog, as our goal is your dog’s long term progress rather than short term behavior suppression!
    • We DO use your dog’s food, treats, toys, play, sniffing, and more as rewards while we train!
    • By meeting your dog where they’re comfortable, we are able to do effective dog behavior modification including counter conditioning, desensitization, and teaching them new ways to behave. We want the dogs we train with to learn what to do, rather than having you play whack-a-mole with problem behaviors without helping the root cause of the problem behavior.

Our Dog Training Services –  We Offer Training Appointment Types For All Your Needs!

Do you have a busy schedule that prevents you from being able to train your dog as much as you want? Does your dog need an outlet during the day for mental stimulation and to enforce good habits?

Our dogs need mental stimulation, enrichment, connection, exercise, and training in order to lead fulfilling lives and to learn how to behave without us constantly having to micromanage them! Without these, we often see problem behaviors develop or existing problem behaviors get worse. These can include your dog chewing inappropriate items like furniture (or you!); nuisance barking at other dogs or at people; resource guarding of food, toys, personal space, and more; lunging on walks; jumping on guests or kids; and more!

We offer a variety of dog training appointment types to help set YOU up for success with a variety of scheduling options so your dog can be trained with you, while you work, or even if you just need some time to relax for yourself! All the while, our credentialed trainer keeps you up to date with email lesson plans, pictures, and videos to help your dog learn some brand new behaviors.

Day Training and Walk & Train Appointments

Busy schedule leaving you unable to practice with your pup? There’s a saying that it takes 10,000 repetitions to master a new skill. It’s the same for our dogs. Without practicing a skill, we won’t see progress related to that skill.

  • During our Day Training and Walk & Train Appointments, our certified trainer teaches your dog new behaviors or helps them practice existing behaviors in your home or on a walk around your neighborhood while you work or enjoy your day.
  • Great for busy people that can’t find time to practice with their dogs.
  • Available in half an hour and hour long options and can be scheduled monthly so that your dog is on a consistent training schedule!
  • These are ideal for dogs that need a confidence boost, dogs that have trouble with grooming or vet procedures (cooperative care), dogs that pull or bark on leash, or dogs that just need a job!

Behavior Modification Training Consultations and Manners Training Consultations

We help you learn to work with your dog and feel confident in teaching and using their new skills! Whether your dog needs manners or has behavioral concerns leading to lunging on leash, barking, biting, hiding, shutting down, or others!

  • During our Behavior Modification Training Consultations and Manners Training Consultations, our certified trainer walks you and your dog through games to help with manners or behavioral concerns and shows you how to implement these games in real life situations.
  • Effective dog training is all about working at your dog’s pace and knowing when to advance so as not to cause stress or set our dogs up to fail. That means helping you learn when and where your dog needs extra help and what that looks like! We ALWAYS strive to set your dog up for success!
  • These dog training and dog behavior modification appointments focus on teaching you how to work with your dog. Our certified trainer shows you what the exercises look like, then coaches you as you work with your dog.

Adventure Days

Our solution to daycare woes! We get your dog out and about and help them practice manners along the way!

  • During our Adventure Day Training Appointments, our certified trainer takes your pup on a working adventure to practice around real-world distractions.
  • They get tired out from a day of mental stimulation coupled with physical exercise, all the while learning and practicing good behavior rather than just building up their endurance!
  • We go at your dog’s pace. We’re experts in body language and put the focus on ensuring your dog’s enjoying their adventure. Our goal is happy dogs that enjoy learning and working, not stressed or shut down dogs that stick with you because they’re afraid of punishment.

Our Dog Training Service Locations – Flexible Work Locations!

    • In-home dog training appointments help your dog learn in the environment the behavior is occurring in.
    • Training appointments at local dog friendly parks (NOT dog parks) and businesses help your dog train around real-world distractions.
    • Virtual training appointments allow convenient access to training and instruction in any location!

Our Dog Training Approach – Compassion and Communication

Our certified dog trainer teaches you and your dog to communicate better, work together, and make choices that help enhance both of your lives’.

We use your dog’s natural interests and abilities to teach them to work with us for toys, food, and other reinforcement.

By training using positive, reward based methods rather than via the use of pain or discomfort, your dog will gain the confidence and practice they need to enjoy working with you!

We give you the knowledge to both understand and help your dog.

We use a multifaceted approach to ensure that you and your dog feel confident during every step of your training journey.

Our approach combines knowledge of why a dog’s behavior is occurring, management to ensure they stop practicing the behavior, training games to teach them what we want them to do, and more in order to help you and your dog progress toward your goals!


Training for Puppies, Adolescents, Adult, And Senior Dogs Of Any Breed And Background!

We have experience working and training with a variety of dog breeds and mixes (from shepherds to hounds and everything in between!). In addition, we’ve worked with dogs of all ages and with dogs from a variety of backgrounds (from rescue dogs, to dogs from responsible breeders, to former mill dogs).

From fearful dogs that shut down or have trouble around your home, neighborhood, vet, or groomer, to aggressive dogs that guard food, toys, people, etc., to new puppies that are just learning that the world is a fun, safe place to be, we have a dog training service or package that will fit your dog’s unique training needs.

Positive Reinforcement and PAIN-FREE Dog Training Throughout Northeast Ohio

Fortunate Fido’s certified, reward based dog trainer works with dogs throughout Northeast Ohio. We travel to Cuyahoga County, Medina County, Lorain County, and parts of Ashland County and work in homes, local parks, dog friendly stores, and more to help your dog build confidence and learn to work with you confidently, no matter the environment.

You can learn more about and see a map of what areas throughout Northeast Ohio Fortunate Fido services on our Service Area page.

To learn more about Deanna Biesan, our IAABC-ADT, CPCFT certified dog trainer, her interests, and education, check out our Trainer Page.

Our focus is always your dog’s safety, comfort, and peace of mind!

Day Training

Do you have a busy schedule?

Does your dog need a midday walk?

Are you looking to socialize your new puppy?

Does your dog need practice with real-world distractions?


Private Lessons

Is your dog ‘out of control’?

Does your dog bark and lunge on walks?

Does your dog jump & bark when people come over your house?

Is your dog unpredictable?

Is your dog afraid at the vet or groomer?


We offer private lessons which let you pick and choose what you would like to work on. It could be as simple as learning more about your puppy or training impulse control, relaxation around other dogs, and more!


Fortunate Fido is known for our experienced dog trainers! Our focus is on keeping our knowledge up to date with education and certification.

Read our Trainer’s Bio and see for yourself!

Contact Us

We’re available by email to answer questions regarding our classes or training. Email us for more information or to set up a private training lesson at Fortunate Fido or in your home!

Email: FortunateFidoReception@gmail.com







It’s kind of hard to write this because what Ginger has done for me & my dog is so big it’s truly hard to fit into words and just overwhelming to think about. I guess it’s pretty much like the proverbial “pebble in the pond” or “ripple effect.” One in home visit with her led to so many positive changes.


I love what they do here. Amazing work with animals that is science based and effective. I would recommend them to anyone!